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Available for regional and national ads, podcast ads, and other marketing and corporate materials.

Children's Novel

Narration . 1:06

Novel audiobook

Narration . 0:52

Non Profit Ad

Voiceover . 1:23

Corporate Education

Voiceover . 2:05


Voiceover . 0:40

"I am a storyteller in many forms: written, small – intimate performances, and local griot. When woven together, these forms lend a natural, delightful and enchanting element to my voiceover form."

Adrainne Gray


"Adrainne's voice is welcoming and nurturing. It's like that firm, yet gentle and fun mom we all dreamed of having."
Morgan B
Voiceover Artist
"Adrainne's narration style has a quiet elegance and an earthy sensitivity to it. Her work is done so smoothly that one doesn't notice the 'performance' aspect of it - her narration serves the material beautifully without calling attention to itself."
Ian M.
Audio Book Producer